2010 Texas Scholastic Championships

2010 Texas Scholastic Chess Championships (Feb 2010)

· Dang Nguyen: Champion - K1 Championship
· Kevin Li: 5th Place - Elementary School Championship
· Khoa Nguyen: 6th Place - Primary School Championship
· Collin Le: 7th Place - K1 Championship
· Duy Nguyen: 8th Place - Elementary School Championship
· Shreyes Kaliyur: 9th Place - Primary School Championship
· Amogh Dambal: 10th Place - Primary School Championship
· Andrew Jacob: 10th Place - Elementary School Championship
· 1st Place Team - Elementary School Championship: Laurel Mountain (Kevin Li, Andrew Jacob, Alexander Quach, and Saavan Nanavati)
· 2nd Place Team - Middle School Championship: Canyon Vista (Derek Chang, Sunay Nanavati, Rohith Kaliyur, and Niteka Raina)
· 3rd Place Team - Primary School Championship: Laurel Mountain (Nathaniel Li, Amogh Dambal, and Louis Fernandes)