2011 National Grade K-12 Championships

Individual results

Derek Chang: 10th Grade - 2nd place
Andrew Lu: 6th Grade - 3rd Place 
Andrew Jacob: 7th Grade - 4th Place 
Duy Nguyen: 7th Grade - 5th Place 
Anh Nguyen: 1st Grade - 6th Place 
Glen Liu: 3rd Grade -7th Place 
Kevin Xie: 10th Grade - 7th place
Austin Jiang : 8th Grade - 9th Place
Alexander Jiang : 8th Grade - 10th Place
David Hsieh: 6th Grade - tied for 10th Place 
Andrew Lu: 2nd Grade - 13th Place 
Collin Le: 3rd Grade - 15th Place 
Camille Kao: 4th Grade - 15th Place 
Rithik Polavaram : Kinder - 1st place for Ratings 800 to 999 
Ethan Hall: 3rd Grade - 1st Place for Ratings under 600
Sindhuja Uppuluri: 4th Grade - 1st Place for Ratings 600 to 799
Samuel Tian: 3rd Grade - 2nd Place for Ratings 1000 to 1199
Stephen Young : 9th Grade - 2nd place for Ratings 800 to 999

Team Results

•Canyon Vista Middle School (Anthony Nguyen, Kevin Li and David Hsieh): 6th Grade - 1st Place
•Westwood High School (Derek Chang, Kevin Xie, and Andy Wang): 10th Grade - 1st Place
•Canyon Ridge Middle School (Alexander Jiang and Austin Jiang): 8th Grade - 2nd Place
•Laurel Mountain Elementary School (Collin Le, Ijay Narang, and Rohan Polavaram): 3rd Grade - 3rd Place
•Baranoff Elementary (Kody Cardamone, Eric Ingram and Michael Wallace): 5th Grade - 8th Place