2012 Texas Scholastic Championships

Individual trophy winners

Emily Nguyen: Elementary Championship - Champion
Anh Nguyen: Kindergarten & 1st Grade Championship - Co-Champion 
Austin Jiang: Middle School Championship - Co-Champion 
Anthony Nguyen: Middle School Championship - Co-Champion 
David Hsieh: Middle School Championship - Co-Champion 
Glen Liu: Primary Championship -5th Place 
Gargi PingaleMiddle School Junior Varsity - 6th Place 
Dang Nguyen: Primary Championship -7th Place 
Khoa Nguyen: Elementary Championship - 7th Place
Collin Le: Primary Championship -11th Place 
Annie Xia: Primary Junior Varsity -11th Place 
Chris Ashley: High  School Championship - 11th Place 
Duy NguyenMiddle School Championship - 13th Place 
Rithik Polavaram: Kindergarten & 1st Grade Championship - 14th Place
Alexander JiangMiddle School Championship - 16th Place 
Rohith KaliyurMiddle School Championship - 17th Place 
Andrew Lu: Primary Championship -18th Place 
Louis Fernandes: Elementary Championship - 19th Place
Daisy Cheng: Elementary Junior Varsity - 19th Place
Ijay Narang: Primary Championship -20th Place 
Chinmay Pingale: Elementary Championship - 20th Place

Team trophy winners

•Laurel Mountain Elementary School (Emily Nguyen, Louis FernandesChinmay PingaleDylan Dong, and Sindhuja Uppuluri): Elementary Championship - Champion
•Canyon Vista Middle School (Anthony NguyenDavid HsiehRohith KaliyurKevin LiNeil Narvekar, and Brian Chiu): Middle School Championship - Champion
•Laurel Mountain Elementary School (Collin Le, Ijay NarangRohan Polavaram, Anuja Uppuluriand Isha Narang): Primar Championship - 3rd Place
•Austin Area Home Schoolers (Dylan James, Jeffrey Wylie, and Stephen Young): High  School Championship - 5th Place
•Westwood High School (Avinash Thangirala and Ernest Fernandes): High  School Championship - 10th Place
•Laurel Mountain Elementary School (Rithik Polavaram and Helen Le): Kindergarten & 1st Grade Championship - 12th Place
•Canyon Ridge Middle School (Austin Jiang and Alexander Jiang): Middle School Championship - 14th Place