Austin Kids #71

Pre-registration entries
To maintain a healthy environment for playing chess, please help us with these:
  • Parents:
    • Do not leave your child(ren) unattended.
    • Help keep the area clean: pick up your trash and clean up your spill.
    • Help keep the area quiet and safe: remind those who make loud noises or run around.
    • If your child(ren) will have to withdraw from the event, inform us as soon as you can.
  • Players:
    • Play with integrity.
    • Do not run around or make loud noise in the tournament venue.
    We may refuse registration to those who negatively impact our events.
    If the registration form below is not displayed properly, please try from your home system (corporate firewall may block the form) or a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari...), or send registration email to

    Austin Kids # 71