Austin Kids # 1

Click here for the USCF cross table and here for the picture.

Congratulations to the winners:


1st place, $5 - Duy Nguyen with 2.5. Duy gained 51 points to reach 1597
3 players with 2.0 shared the 2nd/3rd place prize pool, each received $2: Kevin Li, William Liu, and Alexander Quach


1st place, $5 - Andrew Lu with 2.5. Andrew is close to reaching 1400
2nd place, $3 - Kartik Kulkarni with 2.0. Kartik gained 83 points
3rd place - 4 players with 1.5, each received $1: Emily Nguyen, Shannan Chen, Dustin Chang, and Binny Nanavati


1st place, $5 - Mukund Pasapuleti with perfect 4.0. Mukund gained 167 points to reach 987
2nd place, $3 - Dang Nguyen with 3.0. Dang gained 95 points to reach 941
3rd place - 4 players with 2.5, each received $1: Shreyes Kaliyur, Eric Bui, Glen Liu, and Chinmay Pingale

Chess Puzzles Solving

1st place, $3 - Both Andrew Lu and Anthony Nguyen had all 12 correct answers, but Andrew finished it in less time (12 min!!!).
2 had 11 correct, 3 with 10 correct, and most of the participants had over 7 correct.

Special thanks to Austin Chinese Education Services, Lori, Binny, Jenwei, Huy, and other parents for your wonderful support to this event. If you have ideas/comments/suggestions to make future events more fun/enjoyable to the kids and parents, please send email to