Austin Kids # 14

Click here for the USCF cross-table and here for the pictures.
We had a nice turnout of 55 players, including 1 Expert and 1 Class A players.

Congratulations to the winners:

Craig LaSalle: 1st place - Open section.
Mike Ingram and Duy Nguyen: tied for 2nd place - Open section.
Serena Zadoo and Emily Nguyen: tied for 1st place U1700 - Open section.
Sanjna Zadoo: 1st place - U1400 section.
Sandhya Zadoo, Camille Kao, and Ritik Goyal (1st place U1050): tied for 2nd place - U1400 section.
Eric Ingram and Kody Cardamone (1st place U600): tied for 1st place - U900 section.
NhuAnh Nguyen, Andrew Li, and Kevin Huang: tied for 3rd place - U900 section.
Bharat Rao, Simona Kao (Biggest Upset prize for defeating a opponent 400+ points stronger), Daisy Cheng, and Annie Xia: tied for 1st place U300- U900 section.
Bobby Gittinger: 1st place Unrated - U900 section.
Mike/Eric Ingram: 1st place Parent/Child team.
Grant He: winner of the Puzzles Solving competition.

Each of the winner should receive a prize. Please send Nam Nguyen ( an email if you have not picked up your prize.

We do not have a good participation on the Puzzles Solving competition. It will be removed from future Austin Kids event.