Austin Kids # 2

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We had a great turnout with 38 participants (35 kids and 3 adults), 17 being new comers. Although we had to start behind the schedule due to various issues with registrations (new members, expired USCF membership, members not showing up or coming late, kids put in the wrong section...) and the room was crowded/noisy, the kids seemed to have a lot of fun playing chess. I am not sure about those in the Advanced section who usually require a more quiet environment. We had to leave the library before wrapping up the last round in the Advanced section, but thanks to the gracious offer from Sunil Jacob, we were able to finish the game at his house. We were short handed because Jenwei, Huy, and Uyen went to other tournaments, but Sunil and other parents jumped in providing wonderful help.

Congratulations to the winners:

Advanced section: Sanjeev Dambal and Jonathan Manion, with 2.5/3.0
Novice section: Amogh Dambal and Chinmay Pingale, with 3.5/4.0
Unrated section: Prasith Sriam with perfect 4.0

Amogh and Chimay earned quite a few rating points, and approached the 1000 mark. Doru Gucer won 2 games in his first tournament and had a temporary rating of 500.