Austin Kids #30

Click here for the USCF cross-table and here for the pictures.

Congratulations to the winners:

Open section:
Seth Thompson: 1st place - winning $120
Anthony Nguyen and Collin Le: tied for 2nd place - each winning $55 (Collin claimed the 1st place prize for U1700)

U1400 section: 
Yutika Raina: 1st place - winning $80
Doru Gucer, Ethan Hall, Kevin Huang, Lucas Gretta, and Joshua Sass: tied for 2nd place - each winning $16  (Kevin, Lucas, and Joshua also shared the 1st place prize of for U1100)
David Hsieh: Biggest Upset - winning $10

U900 section:
Xavier Negron: 1st place
Josiah Phou: 2nd place
Toshaan Arora: 3rd place
Matthew Tran: 4th place
Joshua Imken: 5th place
Rahul Battula: 6th place
Daisy Cheng: 7th place
Jacob Lijoy: 8th place
Players with 3 points who did not get trophies received chess medals.