Austin Kids #40

Click here for the pictures and here for the USCF cross table.
Congratulations to the winners:
Open section:
Seth Thompson: 1st place - winning $200
Glen Liu : 2nd place - winning $100
Anthony Nguyen, Andrew Jacob, Emily Nguyen, Rohit Bandi, and Chinmay Pingale: tied for 3rd place - each winning $13 (Rohit Bandi and Chinmay Pingale tied for 1st place U1700)
Alan Davis: Biggest Upset - winning $15
U1600 section:
Lucas G: 1st place - winning $100
Mike Detcheverry
 and Kevin Yu: tied for 2nd place - each winning $37.50
Akhilesh Kaniveedu, Anoop Rachakonda, Karthikeya Srikar Ambati
: tied for 1st place U800 - each winning $3.50
Jichuan Li: Biggest Upset - winning $10