Austin Kids #51

Click here for the pictures and here for the USCF cross table.
Congratulations to the winners:

Open section:
Alexander Jiang: 1st place - winning $200
Craig LaSalle: 2nd place - winning $100
Daniel Rodriguez, Austin Jiang, and Anthony Nguyen: tied for 3rd place - each winning $17
Dylan Dong, Nels Nelson, and Sina Mohammadi: tied for 1st place U2000 - each winning $12

U1600 section:
Eric Ingram and Sparsh Patel: tied for 1st place - each winning $75
Blake Herrera, Wesley Yeungand Andrew Jiang: tied for 3rd - each winning $8.50
Jake Crane and Audrey Wan: tied for 1st place U1000 - each winning $15
Paawan Kush, Eason Zhao, Thinh Le, Alexander Yi, and Nitin Akella: tied for 3rd place U1000 - each winning $1