Austin Kids # 6

Click here for the USCF cross table and here for the pictures.
We had a great turnout with 21 in the 2 Advanced sections and 24 in the Novice section.

Congratulations to the winners:

Andrew Jacob: 1st place in the 1st Advanced section.
Emily Nguyen: 1st place in the 2nd Advanced section.
Jonathan Qi: 1st place in the Novice section.
Grant Odama: Biggest Upset for defeating an opponent 300+ points stronger.
Jonathan Tuck: winner of the Puzzles Solving competition. Jonathan got all 12 problems correct and picked the book The Nimzo-Indian Rubinstein for the prize. We had 2 different sets of puzzles, one with more difficult problems for the Advanced section and the other one for Novice with easier problems. The competition was very close; some in Novice section had a very good chance to win.