Austin Kids #63

Click here for the pictures and here for the USCF cross table.
Congratulations to the winners:

Open section:
Daniel Rodriguez, Jesse Lozano, and Rohith Kaliyur: tied for 1st place - each winning $116.75
Rohit Bandi, Felipe Felipe-Fuentes, and Wesley Yeung: tied for 1st place U1800: each winning $6.75
U1600 section:
Anshu Chennuru and William Hwuang: tied for 1st place - each winning $75
Ethan Hall, Nitin Akella, Raaj Gumbula, Siddharth Vadlamani, Rohan Polavaram, Haozhe Loo, Saaj Gumbula, Aparna Yellamraju, Kevin Han, Tianwen Gao, and Soumil Kushwaha: tie for 3rd place - each winning $2.50
Ethan Tang and Raymond Wang: tied for 1st place U1000 - each winning $15