Austin Kids #67

Click here for the pictures and here for the USCF cross table.
Congratulations to the winners:

Masters section:
Miguel Medina Paz: 1st place - winning $150

Open section:
Daniel Rodriguez: 1st place - winning $200
Dylan Dong and Abhiram Chennuru: tied for 2nd place - each winning $75
Venkata Pullabhotla: 1st place U1700 - winning $25
Ambica Yellamraju, Harshid Kunka, and Nitin Akalla: tied for 2nd place U1700: each winning $5
U1600 section:
Raaj Gumbula: 1st place - winning $100
Vamshi Pothireddy, Anshu Chennuru, Shantanu Thorat and Haozhe Loo: tied for 2nd place - each winning $18.75
Sanjay Balasubramanian, Varun Bandaru, and Preston Hall: tied for 1st place U1100 - each winning $20