Unrated Blitz # 1

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We had a good turnout with 20 kids and 2 adults.

Anthony and Emily donated 2 trophies for the event: 1 for the 1st place and 1 for the biggest upset.

1st place: Sanjeev Dambal with 4.5 (4 wins and 1 bye)
2nd and 3rd place: Anthony Nguyen and Emily Nguyen with 4.0

Sanjeev indicated prior to the game that he did not want a trophy, so the 1st place trophy went back to Anthony/Emily.

Biggest upset:

Huy Nguyen (701) over Ernest Fernandes (1092)
Chinmay Pingale (610) over Amough Dambal (965)

Huy's win over Ernest was not really an upset with his latest rating being 14xx. Therefore, the biggest upset prize went to Chinmay Pingale.

After the Blitz tournament, some kids stayed and played an exciting simulateous game with Vasfi Gucer, a very strong player with rating of 2000.
One kid could manage to draw, a few lost to Vasfi, and 5 could hang on until we had to leave due to the library closing. The kids had a great time and learnt a lot from the event. We would like to thank Vasfi for helping out in this event.